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Meet Alisa

Wife, Mom of three, artist, art teacher and business owner are just a few of the hats Alisa wears. If she’s not with her family, teaching an art class, holding a paint brush, or doing one of a million "mom jobs," there is good chance you will find her lacing up her shoes for a run, reading a book or drinking coffee. 

Alisa’s love of art has always been. Growing up in Fort Worth, Texas, she regularly had a marker or paintbrush in hand - drawing, painting and creating. Her parents’ art backgrounds and encouragement led Alisa from museum preschool art classes, to Mrs. Lipscomb’s elementary school art lessons, to high school and college art opportunities.  Abilene Christian University graduation in 2001 led to certification in elementary school teaching with a specialization in art. She has taught art in a variety of capacities including public and private schools, private lessons, and at the Fine Arts Institute of Edmond in Edmond, Oklahoma. 

In 2013, Alisa began teaching after school art classes and it has grown into Alisa Nelson Studio, LLC, offering art classes and camps to children in the Edmond, Oklahoma community. Alisa encourages her students that “everyone is an artist!” and it brings her joy to see young artists brighten with belief. “Watching children create without inhibition, fear or conflict brings incredible rewards” says Alisa. “Art is the universal language that everyone can speak - it brings people together, allows communication barriers to be broken and is a voice for joy, positivity and inspiration.” Every year of sharing creativity with others and watching young artists bloom reconfirms that creating art and sharing art is her passion and calling.

#dailypainting / “Bloom” / 6x9 acrylics on acrylic paper / This rainy morning made for a good time to jump back into painting after our family vacation to Washington last week. I was so inspired by all the beauty at Pike Place Market & took endless photos. I’m sure this will be the first of many paintings from this trip! 🎨
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 As an artist, Alisa appreciates the challenge of combining abstract and realistic elements with acrylics, mixed media and watercolors. Expressive lines and vivid paint strokes in colorful landscape scenes are characteristics of her work. ‘Out of the box’ color and surprising lines are two of her favorite applications. 

Alisa is inspired by endless masters, including Matisse, Van Gogh and O’Keefe along with her 40 plus art students she sees weekly.  "Making Art a Practice" by Cat Bennett is a favorite book. She says, "Who knows what will happen or what we inspire with our art? We do not get to see the whole story, ever. We simply offer our art and ourselves...We have something of value to offer, and the world needs it.” 

Alisa applies this quote to her personal studio work as an artist and in the classroom as well. She believes that where she is today as an artist and business owner is to be credited to her many talented and creative teachers throughout the years.

In February 2019, Alisa’s  painting, “Texas Hill Country” was selected for the Fort Smith Regional Art Museum annual exhibit, “Heart of a Nation.” Her art studio, Alisa Nelson Studio,  has been named a finalist for the Oklahoma City Metro Family Magazine, ‘Family Favorites,’ contest in 2017 & 2018. Most recently her studio is the 2019 winner of the art lessons/studio category! Alisa is a member of the Edmond Art  Association and a ‘Meet the Masters’ elementary art program volunteer at her children’s school. She is also a member of ‘The Collective,’ a downtown Edmond creative women’s shared workspace.