Spring Updates!

Happy Spring! It's just unbelievable how fast this school year has flown, but I guess we always say that. It seems we are all amazed by time - how fast it seems but also how slow.  March was Vincent van Gogh's birthday month so we spent several weeks learning more about him & being inspired by his amazing work. It was fascinating (& tragic) to learn that he passed away not knowing the value of his work. We learned that in his short 10 year painting 'career' he painted over 2,100 paintings but sold only 1. He passed away at the young age of 37 :( My students did an amazing job of creating their own van Gogh inspired flower paintings.

Summer is weeks away! This will be my 5th summer to offer "Let's Create...like the Masters!' art camps & I can't wait! There are only three spots remaining across the five sessions, so register soon! See the "Let's Create 2017" tab for all the info! I am offering a $20 off discount if you register by May 25th!

Also thinking ahead to the upcoming 2017-2018 school year -- I have just updated all the information for my 2017-2018 school year art lessons - I will be offering 5 classes -- a homeschool class & four after school classes. Click on  the "Art Lessons" tab for all the info. Registration opens May 1st! 

Last month I had the privilege of hanging some of my work in the "Patriarch" craft beer lounge in downtown Edmond! I have been quite busy painting & feeling out the rough patches & wonderful patches of being an artist. It is a constant learning journey, one of which I am thankful to be on. All of my paintings can be found on my Etsy shop -- alisanelsonstudio.etsy.com including many new ones! 

I have been reading Brene Brown's book, "Gifts of Imperfection." Such an inspiring read. I especially loved the chapter on Cultivating Creativity. One quote that stood out to me -- "If creativity is seen as a luxury or something we do when we have spare time, it will never be cultivated...When I make creating a priority, everything in my life works better." Love that...and I find it to be so true. Perhaps that is one of the many reasons I love teaching art lessons to children. They don't have to be told to make time for creativity. They just do it - naturally and freely, without reservation. Oh, to be more like them!! :)

Happy Creating!